Transparency Notice

Page last updated 9th May 2021

We are committed at all times to protecting your privacy and will only use information ethically and lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018, the Human Rights Act 1998, the common law duty of confidentiality, the General Data Protection Regulations and other relevant legislation.

Connecting Care is the name given to a system we are using to share key parts of your health and care records for the purpose of providing a more coordinated service and improved quality of care.

We are a partnership of health and social care organisations and the providers commissioned by them to deliver services, that provide care to the residents of Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Organisations that are part of Connecting Care

Key parts of your health and social care records produced by partner organisations, are displayed in an integrated record within a secure system This allows users, who are approved and authorised by one of the sharing organisations, to view your care records from Connecting Care partner organisations. This sharing is primarily for the provision of your care unless you have specifically signed up to take part in a research study where the appropriate research team may access the information held in Connecting Care to ensure your participation in the study is safe and suitable.

All information held in Connecting Care will be kept and destroyed in line with the Records Management Policy of the partner organisation that provided it. For information on these policies, please go to our partner organisation’s websites.


The information displayed in Connecting Care is a view of the records held by multiple organisations and nothing is changed in the system.

The main groups of data that are shared are listed below. Only the source organisation holds the full records that this data comes from and if you wish to know what data is held about you, you should approach the relevant organisation, e.g. your GP practice for primary care data, local authority for your social care information or hospital if you want to know about your treatment records.

The information displayed in Connecting Care is only a partial record of what is held about you by the Connecting Care partner organisations.  If you would like to request a copy of your information held in Connecting Care, you should send your request via email to or make a verbal request to Customer Services on 0800 073 0907 or 0117 900 2655.

If you feel that the information that is shared and viewed via Connecting Care by your health and care professionals is wrong, you have a right to have your records rectified, erased or restricted from processing. As the information viewed in Connecting Care is a copy of the records held by our partner organisations, we recommend that you contact the organisation who holds the record you want to be erased, rectified or restricted. Contact details for our partner organisations can be found here.

Further information about your rights, how to complain and how to request your personal information is available on the Information Commissioner’s website

You have certain legal rights, including a right to have your information processed fairly and lawfully and a right to access any personal information we hold about you. You have the right to privacy and to expect the organisations named within this Transparency Notice to keep your information private and secure. If you do not want information that identifies you to be accessed using Connecting Care, please speak to a member of  your care staff and complete the “opt-out” form. Your information will continue to be shared to deliver care to you, in the traditional ways.

When you “opt out” from your information being accessed by appropriate staff via Connecting Care, your information will continue to be stored in the system but will be removed from view  This is because all of the partner organisations have a duty in law to make information available to specific, identified staff to investigate safeguarding concerns. Your information will not be available to anyone else except for these staff and only if you are relevant to their investigation. 


All Connecting Care partner organisations are ‘Joint Controllers. This is defined in the General Data Protection Regulations and means that they are legally responsible for ensuring that all personal information that is held on Connecting Care complies with data protection legislation and they decide what it is used for".

All authorised staff accessing Connecting Care receive training to ensure they remain aware of their responsibilities when accessing and using your personal data. They are obliged in their employment contracts to uphold confidentiality and may face disciplinary procedures if they do not do so.

We do not sell or share for profit any of your personal information to any third party. Data held in Connecting Care is only stored in the UK in a secure location and is not transferred to any other countries.


We are always looking for ways to improve Connecting Care.  For example, making information easier to view and providing more detail to the necessary information that can be viewed by staff delivering care to you.

Before we make any changes to the system, we always carry out in-depth testing to make sure that the changes work properly.

All of the testing is carried out by our technical staff in our secure test environment. Whenever we test, we try to use information that does not identify a person. When we do need to use information that identifies a person, we only use the minimum amount of information that is necessary to test that the system works properly.

Information held in our test environment is deleted after 7 years.

Person Details and Demographics; Other Addresses Held; Immediate Family Members; Legal Relationships; Key Case Worker (s); Last Known GP Practice; Disabilities; Allergies; Events; Medications; Procedures; Examinations; Investigations; Procedures; Referrals Details; Social / Family History; Next of Kin; Alerts, Risks And Warnings; Admissions; Previous Appointments Details; Future Appointment Details; Assessment;  Care Plan Interventions Details; Care Plan Problems Details; Care Plans Details; Carer Details; Diagnosis Details; Diagnostic Tests; radiology information;  Discharges; DOLs (Deprivation of Liberty); Early Interventions; Risk Management plans; Safeguarding; End of Life Care Plan.