How does it work?

The integrated digital care record used by health and social care professionals in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire is called Connecting Care. 

The record contains some of the information held at GP practices, hospital departments, community services, mental health trusts, out of hours services and local authorities across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. This information combines into a single, shared digital record all about you. 

Information can only be viewed in Connecting Care for as long as it is held by the organisation it originates from.  All health and social care organisations that share information in Connecting Care have to comply with the relevant laws about information retention.

The digital record reduces the time spent by professionals checking details from different health and social care organisations. It can also reduce delays to your treatment caused by a lack of information.

Connecting Care is only accessible via the NHS broadband network. Individual user access is dependent on a professional's work role – their role defines which information they see. A user has to be authorised to have a Connecting Care account and each user is issued with a unique username and password. 

Only those directly involved with your care and authorised to use the system can see your information unless you have specifically signed up to take part in a research study where the appropriate research team may access the information held in Connecting Care to ensure your participation in the study is safe and suitable.

Health and social care professionals have been using the Connecting Care integrated digital care record since 2013. Since then, the system has been continuously developed to share more information and offer more functionality and we will continue to develop Connecting Care as a Programme Team, to ensure it remains useful for health and social care organisations in the BNSSG area.


Page last updated 6th May 2021