Reasons for accessing my information

Any programme like Connecting Care, or any health and care project that involves information sharing of personal data, needs to have a legal basis for doing so.  This is required because each partner organisation is a statutory body, or it provides services for a statutory body.  This means that it gets its powers and directions to carry out its functions and deliver services (including sharing the information needed to carry out these functions) directly from legislation. More information about the legislation relied on to share information via Connecting Care can be found here.


All authorised users of Connecting Care are required to select a legitimate reason for access to a record, otherwise they are unable to access a record.  These are tied to the data protection conditions for processing. They are:


Ongoing Care Relationship

Where there is an established care relationship with you, this includes both direct care and early intervention purposes for which a legal basis, contained in legislation, has already been identified and agreed by the Connecting Care partnership.


Your consent will only be sought when other legitimate reasons don't apply. If your consent is sought it must be explicit for your consent to be valid and you can withdraw your consent for your record to be viewed at any time.

Vital Interests

If you have a severe injury or are in distress or where gaining your consent would delay or put you at increased significant risk and no other legitimate reason applies, information will be accessed on the basis of your ‘vital interests’. 

Safeguarding Concerns

This is only used when there are legitimate concerns for an individual (this might be you, or it might be someone related to you in some way) and these concerns arise outside of a care episode. The same decision making process that is used when sharing personal data outside of Connecting Care for a safeguarding concern will be used when accessing information in Connecting Care for this purpose.

Appropriateness of referral and clinical audit

This is only used where it is necessary to check the appropriateness of your referral to a service. There is a possibility that the referral will be rejected as unsuitable and therefore no care based Legitimate Relationship will be established between you and this service.

Page last updated 7 June 2019