What is shared about me?

In the past, your health and social care records were shared with other care professionals by fax, letter, email or even over the phone.  This was not the most reliable or secure way to share important personal information. 

Now, using Connecting Care to share important information about you means that your records are available immediately and securely to staff who are caring for you, at whatever time they need it, even 'out of hours'.

Rest assured that not everyone looking after you is able to see every detail in your records.  The detail that staff can see is linked to the job they do.  If their job doesn't require them to see specific information, they cannot see it.

Connecting Care information may include:

  • Medication you’ve been prescribed and changes to your prescriptions
  • Contact details for you and those involved in your care
  • Medical conditions or allergies you may have
  • Radiology and pathology reports (reports on X-rays and blood test results)
  • Key documents such as care plans and letters about treatment and referrals
  • Details of the operations and medical procedures you’ve received
  • Your hospital, GP and social care referrals and appointments
  • Safeguarding alerts

Find out which information is currently being shared and accessed by different organisations in your area.

Page last updated 6th May 2021